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The school consists of around 280 square meters of indoor space and over 300 square meters of garden, including a shaded porch and a large area covered with synthetic grass (except for the space dedicated to the school garden), which even the youngest children can enjoy in total safety. It offers the possibility to use the shaded areas on the hottest days of summer and on the sunny winter days the garden can also be used making the garden functional all year round.  All activities are moved outside in the warmer seasons.


Our building is composed of large classrooms with French doors overlooking the garden and modular structure, which allows you to use the rooms in a flexible way and according to the different needs that the day requires.  Each classroom has its own bathroom appropriate to the age group of the children. The environments are welcoming and colourful, divided into specific areas.

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Why do families entrust their children to us?

Family participation

Families are asked to contribute in the life of the daycare center. For this reason there are opportunities of group and individual meetings throughout the year and individual interviews. The doors of our school are always open and all of our staff are always available for both formal and informal discussions with families, with a view of working together throughout the educational journey of each child and providing psycho-pedagogical support to families who request it.

The canteen

A professional cook, in possession of appropriate certificates, prepares the dishes indicated on the seasonal menus drawn up by our nutritionist, following a precise protein scheme and adjusting the portions to the quantities required for each age group.

Dedicated App Easy 0-6

Our App facilitates communication between school and families, through a daily exchange of information. It allows educators to quickly and easily fill in the child’s daily diary, inserting photos and information about activities, meals and school-family communications of all sorts.

Non-stop opening

We are open non-stop from September to July until 7pm

Mother tongue teachers

Our English teachers are all native speakers.

Workshops and activities

We offer many workshops and recreational activities

Air conditioning system

Our structure is equipped with temperature control systems in each room.

Firefighting system

Our building is fully equipped with fire-fighting equipment which is regularly revised as required by law.

Purification system

Our facility is equipped with a filter for purification and sanitation of drinking water.

Opening time

From Monday to Friday from 7.30 to 19

Where we are

Via degli Olmetti 3/Z Formello 00060


Mobile 3387993775 - Tel. 06.90405045