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The educators of our nursery school and the teachers of our pre-school are all highly qualified. In addition to the basic training required for the qualification of the role, including ongoing stage training within the school under the supervision of the educational coordinatior to achieve a shared educational approach. As required by current regulations, all staff are in possession of a first aid certificate, Pediatric Disassembly Maneuvers course, safety course and anti-fire. The cook is in possession of HACCP certificate for the management and safety of the school canteen.


Rainbow Kids

Elisa De Matteis

Psychologist, developmental psychotherapist, Director and Educational Coordinator, is responsible for the pedagogical-didactical supervision of the school, supports teachers in planning educational activities and coordinates the activities of the educational team for students and families. The Coordinator is the point of reference for the families for everything related to teaching and educational activities of the school. The Coordinator is present at school from Monday to Friday who is avalible by appointment only.


Marco de Angelis

Administrator and Chief Administrative Officer. Supervises, organizes, and coordinates the administrative, accounting, and financial services of the school and human resources.


Teacher Alessia

“Educating and training the adults of tomorrow is my passion. I put my heart into all my lessons and the children are always very enthusiastic about the activities I propose. At first glance I appear very serious, but once in class I manage to loosen up and become almost their friend”.


Teacher Marta

“Sunny, empathetic and creative, I strive every day to create a reassuring, cheerful and stimulating atmosphere for the children. I relate myself to the phrase “do what you love and you won’t work a single day of your life”.


Teacher Pamela

“I like to share with the children every emotion, accompany them in the small goals and guide them step by step in their achievements. Patience, serenity and lots and lots of LOVE: this is my daily mission to transmit to all my munchkins. My passion has always been my job!”


Teacher Dominique

“My aim is to help create a pathway to the English Language for our young minds of tomorrow. Transmitting my fun and energetic personality into creating a colorful learning environment for children to grow in a natural learning setting full of excitement and creativity.”


Sonia (the cook)

“I have been doing this job for many years and in this school I do everything I can to adapt my culinary skills to the tastes of the children so that they can discover new flavors while trying to meet their tastes. It seems that my snacks (homemade buns and cakes) are a great success!”

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